One Thought on “Batteries”

  • During my case study, we placed Generex on a 10-year rated battery between years 5 and 6.  When we
    de-commissioned the system, the batteries were around 8 years old and still were not at end-of-life. 
    Replacements dropped considerably after 6 months of being on Generex.  I would be comfortable saying
    it increased the expected life from 5 years to 8 years or about 50% to 60% more than expected.  On a
    20-year battery, expected life is around 12 years and I believe we can get 18 years with Generex.  Again
    that’s an increase of about 50% over expected.  I would advertise the range to be around 20% to 50%
    more life than expected.

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