About Our Professional Battery Testing

The Equalizer BACS® (Battery Analysis and Care System) provides battery testing, as well as the most-advanced monitoring products of their kind. As a web-based integrated battery monitoring and management system, BACS is able to monitor the temperature, internal resistance, and voltage of every single battery in a given system.

Why BACS ?

After more than 30 years in business, we have honed the products we offer down to the very best. These systems not  only monitor batteries but  maintain them, providing 30 to 40% more life. That is a huge difference from everything else on the market, and it shows as soon as you start using it. We use a patented battery management system with equalizing/balancing technology to properly charge voltage regulation and we offer remote maintenance for added convenience. Avoid unnoticed or unexpected battery failures while enhancing battery life and conserving the reliability of every single battery.