Improving Every Battery in Any System
Improving Every Battery in Any System


The battery monitoring components from Equalizer BACS® (Battery Analysis and Care System) is a must for any battery management system. With most battery backup systems, you have no idea when the battery is going to die. With our products, you can monitor and maintain batteries for entire complex systems, extend battery life, and prevent thermal runaway. Contact us today for more information on our professional battery analysis. We proudly serve the New York metropolitan area.


“The system does a great job of balancing batteries! In this particular brand battery, based on reports from BACS, I'm now getting five warranty replacements sent. I'm hoping that by fixing the issue with these batteries not balancing well historically, we'll stop the cycle of their premature failures.”

Robert L.

Stafford Associates

The data in the graph below is broadly consistent with my lab results:  97 failures out of 10,000 compared to 4 out of 15,000.  That suggests about 20x improvement in “reliability,” as represented by failures in time during normal life, even though the impact on life is more on the level of 40% to 50%.
Phillip Krein

Phillip Krein

Research Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Illinois


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